What we do.

We build authentic community

We create support groups online, in local churches and in the US military.

We empower parents.

We produce weekly podcasts, daily devotions and resources to help single parents in the areas they struggle with the most. 

We join the journey 

Because we have walked in their shoes, we journey with single parents through both the challenges and victories.

We equip churches

We provide resources and coach local churches to better serve the needs of single parents.

We advocate

We raise awareness and speak out for the specific challenges single parented families face.

We support

We connect the real needs of single parents to local churches to provide real support locally. 

"Becoming involved in a Solo Parent Society group was a life line!"

- Michelle W

"I found trusted friends when I didn't know who I could trust."

- Emily M

"The podcast is a lifeline to me and incredible source of inspiration and encouragement. As this journey gets tougher, I would not be as equipped or healed as I am now without this outreach."

- Jenny G

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