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Solo Parent Society Groups

We have seen the dramatic transformation in the lives of people who attend and start these groups.

Solo Parent Society groups are weekly gatherings of Solo Parents committed to the restoration of their homes and their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Believing that healthy parents raise healthy kids.

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Benefits of Starting a Group


Being in a solo parent group allows you to unpack the chaos of trying to be enough with others who can relate to your struggle.


A safe place to process your emotions out loud with others; often, the simple act of sharing your feelings with others on the same journey frees up space in your heart and head.


Solo Parent groups provide the fellowship of others who genuinely care and offer support giving you much needed relief and new life.

“I had been isolated for so long that I didn’t realize other solo parents felt the same way I did. It was comforting to be around other parents who could relate to what I was going through.”
Michelle W. - Solo Parent Society group member

How to Start a Group.

Our guided format resources are created so anyone can lead a group. If you can read you can lead!

Available in Between Friends (2-3 people), Small Group ( 4-14 people) and Large Group (15 people and up) formats, each week we explore one of thirteen topics related to our journey as Solo Parents.

You can start a group in 3 easy steps

1) Order the introductory kit
2) Read through and watch the videos in the kit
3) Invite Solo Parents in your community (from 2 people to 50)
Start A Group