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67% of single parents don’t attend church because they feel judged and that they don’t fit in. Helping a Solo Parented home is easier than you might think, both financially and practically.

There are so many ways you can help!


To make a real difference in Solo Parented Homes your tax-deductible gift will go a long way. Funds go to provide resources, assistance, and relief for the critical daily needs of single-parent homes.

For one time gifts.

Join our SPS Supporters Club by donating $100 each month.


Families: If you would like to offer practical help to Solo Parents in your area but don’t know where to start, here are some simple ideas. Click Here.

Churches: Start a Solo Parent Society group at your church. History shows that 30% of the attendees don’t actually attend your church currently. A great Church outreach and growth opportunity. Click Here.

Businesses: Chances are what you do in some way intersects with the SP community. What do you have or do that would help SPs? Make a tax deductible time, services or product donation and meet the very real needs in your community. Click here.


We help overwhelmed and exhausted Solo Parents not feel alone by providing community and offering simple steps to find peace and discover solutions to the complexities of parenting alone while authentically connecting with their kids and others. We help them see they can do more than just survive this season – they can actually THRIVE!