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We see you. We have walked through the pain and fear of not having the resources our family needs. Solo Parent Society wants to help.

We are creating a network of businesses, churches and individuals to provide solutions to the challenges you face. Let us know a little bit about what you are facing to see if we can help.

Please keep in mind this resource is in BETA mode, we still have a lot of logistics to work out and funding to come through to be at full speed. Please be patient..

Please scroll down to apply.

If you are an organization that would be interested in helping solo parents in your area and becoming a certified SPS Preferred Business Provider please signup below.


Apply For Relief

Solo Parent Society was founded by a solo parent for solo parents. We know the overwhelming pain of walking this journey alone and would like to do something to help.

Let’s start by understanding what challenge you are facing today.


So we can best communicate your situation to organizations and individuals that might be able to help, please give us some details on your overall situation. Names remain confidential until we are able to identify a potential relief partner, and even then names are only revealed if the partner needs to verify the recipient.

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Once you submit this form someone will be in touch, usually within 24 hours, to verify receipt and make sure we have all we need to move forward. Please be patient, we will do everything we can to try to help as quickly as we can, dependent on the volume of requests we receive. Multiple emails requesting updates will only slow the process down.