Helen Smallbone - How To See Our Kids For Who They Are
January 17th, 2022
Parenting alone is so hard. But when our kids are all different - with different temperaments, personalities, struggles, behavior traits — it is hard to know how to guide them effectively and, at the ...  Read More
Michael Hyatt - Five Steps to Having Your Best Year Ever
January 10th, 2022
We all want to move forward and build a better life but it’s very difficult to do that without a clear vision or roadmap. In this episode, we are joined by Michael Hyatt. He is an American author, pod...  Read More
How to Change What You Experience
January 3rd, 2022
As we start the new year, we have so many new experiences ahead, but we are also carrying some of the old year with us. We can feel like a hamster on a wheel, spinning, but not making any progress, or...  Read More
ADVENT: PEACE - Ann Voskamp
December 26th, 2021
As Christmas approaches, our focus this week is on peace – the peace we have because a Savior was born to us. Best-selling author and speaker, Ann Voskamp, shares her perspective on peace during the A...  Read More
ADVENT: JOY - Pastor Curtis Zackery
December 19th, 2021
“O Holy Night”As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, many Christians around the world join in the celebration of Advent. Advent is the anticipation of the arrival of Christ and a time of preparation to...  Read More
ADVENT: Carlos Whittaker - LOVE
December 12th, 2021
Advent is defined as a period of eager anticipation leading up to both the celebration of Christ’s birth and the return of Christ. We also know it has four parts: hope, love, joy, and peace.Carlos Whi...  Read More
ADVENT: When Hope Looks Different Than We Expect
December 10th, 2021
Raising a child as a single mother or father can be difficult since you plan for a different type of life for your child than you ever anticipated but we can find hope in the fact that God is the auth...  Read More
What Is Worth Waiting For?
November 27th, 2021
Waiting is defined as “the activity of remaining in one’s current location or delaying action until a specific time or event occurs”. In today’s world, waiting appears to be of little value but beauty...  Read More
How God Uses Struggle To Refine Worth with Darren Tyler
November 21st, 2021
Have you ever faced difficulties that seemed impossible? What motivated you to overcome the obstacles and emerge victoriously? Darren Tyler joins us in the studio today for this episode of The Solo Pa...  Read More
Dr. Chip Dodd - Teaching Our Kids Self Worth
November 13th, 2021
Are you teaching your kids about self-worth? Many of us struggle with our sense of worth. As parents, we want our kids to grow up with confidence, but we know that we can’t give them what we don’t hav...  Read More
Dr. Chip Dodd - Beyond Self-Esteem, Worth.
November 7th, 2021
What is the difference between self-esteem and a sense of worth?Sometimes single parents feel a sense of shame and failure in their circumstances, whether divorce, a broken relationship, or an absent ...  Read More
How to Avoid Comparison and Find Worth
October 30th, 2021
Social media is here to stay and there is a positive element for connection to friends and others around the world, but it can also be a source of discontent when we start comparing ourselves to other...  Read More