On today’s episode, hosts Robert Beeson and Kimberley Mitchell, talk with financial expert, Dave Ramsey about personal growth.  Personal growth can seem like a far-off goal when our lives have been turned upside down. Dave shares what personal growth looks like for him and what it can look like for solo parents too. 

Dave went through his own “shattered season” when his business went bankrupt, but he allowed that to shape his future. Now, he’s on over 500 radio stations, he’s a bestselling author, and he’s a household name.  Yes, our lives can feel shattered, “But,” Dave reminds us, “good things can come out of manure”. Things like bankruptcy and divorce are an ending but they are also a beginning. “You can’t go back, so all you can do is learn, get better, and go forward.”  

Dave says personal growth is about using the rear-view mirror to glance behind us we don’t make the same mistakes again, but to use the windshield more, so we can move toward new things intentionally. We can’t always choose our circumstances, but we can choose what we put into our spirits and brains. “These things aren’t likely found on TV or Instagram but instead in a book, in a Bible Study, in a Sunday school class”, Dave emphasized. And making personal growth a priority is essential, “…just like you would with exercise and brushing your teeth”.   

Dave also shared another key to personal growth is “naming the enemy to take his power away”. It’s easy to blame other people, play the victim card and get stuck. Dave has been there. Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” “That’s human”, says Dave, “we get to have those moments, but we can’t stay there.” Instead, we must move toward the second part of that verse, “When desire comes, it is the tree of life.” “We need hopefulness instead of hopelessness”, says Dave, and “Nobody can steal our hope, we have to surrender it.” So, it’s also up to us to take it back. We can do this by naming blame and hopelessness and identifying a third enemy, fatigue. “It is emotionally expensive to be shattered”, says Dave. “We feel like we’ve been hit by a train, but we have to say, I’m not going to become a victim. I’m not going to surrender my hope. I’m going to rest, lick my wounds, and fill up the glass with something good.”  “That”, Dave says, “is the personal growth part.” 

In the shattered spaces of our lives, terrible things do happen, but we must be careful not to focus only on those things. We must be deliberate about naming the good things in our lives. Dave said, “Get up every morning and make a blessings list. Gratitude is a powerful emotion and grateful people are highly attractive.”

And who doesn’t want to be attractive? Personal growth isn’t easy, but it’s necessary and empowering. When we come through a difficult season, we are no longer under the illusion of having it all together. We can surrender to not being perfect and realize God loves us anyway, just as we are. He forgives us and we can forgive ourselves too with hearts full of gratitude. Then we can move forward into new things and greater personal growth.  

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